Андреевская церковь Подол Фото
Печерская Лавра Экскурсии Фото

  During survey Kiev city tour you will see such main sights as: Saint Sophia Cathedral, Golden Gates, Opera House, Andrew’s Descent, Podol, Khreschatyk and many more.
1. Saint Volodymyr’s Cathedral (Volodymyrsky Cathedral, Vladimir’s cathedral) – is an acting Orthodox cathedral in the central part of Kiev. It’s a mother cathedral of Ukrainian Orthodox church of Kiev Patriarchy.
2. Kiev opera house – one of the popular attractions that hosts most beautiful voices in Europe.
3. Golden Gate in Kiev is an architectural monument of period of Kievan Rus and the reign of Yaroslav the Wise (11th century). Golden Gate in Kiev is truly a unique structure, and “must see” sight. Since ancient times the Golden Gate served a defensive function, included in the whole architectural complex, along with St Sophia Cathedral.
4. Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev (Kiev Sofia, Hagia Sophia) is located in the city center, in the old (High) town and was built during the reign of Yaroslav the Wise in the beginning of 11th century. It makes the Church an incredibly valuable cultural heritage of Ukraine. St Sophia Cathedral is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Ukraine.
St. Sophia Cathedral – the most important historical architectural monument of the period of Kievan Rus. According to the common version, the construction of St. Sophia Cathedral was finished during the rule of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, the question for historians – was it laid before the Yaroslav the Wise by prince Vladimir Svjatoslavovich or not. Temple was built in accordance of the model of Hagia Sophia cathedral in Constantinople (modern Istanbul) in honor of Virgin Orans meaning “Holy Wisdom”.
5. St. Michael’s Monastery was founded in the 1108-1113during rule of the Kiev prince Svyatopolk Izyaslavovich on the site of former Dimitrievski monastery. Monastery was the first one in Kiev with the Domes gilded so he was called “golden-Domed monastery”. This became later a tradition for Ukrainian church building. There is a believe that the construction of monastery was dedicated to the victory over the nomadic tribes of Polovtsians. The construction was dedicated to the Michael the Archangel that was considered a patron of warriors and victories nd also a defender of Kiev.
6. Andrew’s descent in Kiev (Andrew’s slope) runs from Kontraktova square to the Volodymyrska and Desyatynna street. The upper part of St. Andrew’s descent was linking old town (upper Kiev) with Podol (downtown) already in period of Kievan Rus.
7. The Pechersk Cave Monastery– is the most sacred place in Kyiv. With it’s almost one thousand years history Pechersk Cave Monastery is the great attraction for tourists. Lavra complex is “a must visit place” not only because it’s a cradle of Ukrainian orthodoxy faith and an incredible architectural ensemble of different centuries. The Pechersk Cave Monastery is renown for it’s caves, where relics of Saints, that lived here a long time ago, are laying miraculously well preserved. Those relics of Saints also have healing power.
Word “pecheru” is translated into Ukrainian as “caves” and “lavra” means a cluster of cells or caves for hermits. So the main attraction of The Lavra Monastery beside it’s great churches are the ancient caves (dating from 1015 year) that gave start of the development of monastery and now preserve a relics of saints that were living and praying in Lavra for period of almost one thousand years. The territory of Low Lavra almos fully consist of ancient caves.